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We Pay Cash for Junk Cars

Virtually every American who works had to pay for their car, but ultimately the vehicle gets old and breaks down. Many people have a junk vehicle on their property they either hope to fix up or don’t know what to do with. If you fall into the latter group we can help. If you are looking to get rid of that old vehicle taking up space in your yard we offer cash for junk cars, vans, SUVs, trucks any other clunkers in the San Diego, California area. Even if the vehicle doesn't run we can pick up your car and put cash in your pocket.

Why We Pay Cash for Junk Cars

Our cash for junk cars program is designed to provide you the opportunity to get paid to get that old vehicle out of your life while making sure the vehicle goods to good use. Recycling old vehicles is a boon to the environment by both reducing the number of vehicles that end up just sitting around and rusting away while also reducing the need to manufacture new parts, which in turn saves valuable resources.

How the Cash for Junk Cars Process Works

Many people think the process of getting rid of a junk vehicle is complicated, but it is a very straightforward procedure. The process of getting cash for junk cars is simple and all you need to do is contact us to request a price quote. Our recycling experts will gather some basic information about your vehicle, such as vehicle make, model, year, general operating condition and data on damage, missing parts and components. Our friendly staff will then tell you how much cash we can offer you for the vehicle and then we will arrange a time to pick up your car. We will handle everything for you, including the paperwork, and provide you with a receipt for your records.

Why You Should Sell Your Vehicle

Getting that unused and unwanted vehicle out of your yard will not only free up your yard space, it can also relive some of your headaches. Everyone knows that junk cars are an eyesore, and even if your neighbors are too polite to say it to your face you know they are wishing that you would get rid of it. Additionally, getting that junk vehicle out of your yard can save you from a potential run-in with code enforcement for having a junk or unregistered motor vehicle parked in your yard.

With a lagging economy many people are keeping their cars much longer and repairing them, rather than undergo the expense of buying a new car. Additionally, new parts are expensive and there are many people who simply couldn't afford to keep their older car on the road if they had to pay the money for new parts.

Selling you junk car to us will save you the hassle of trying to part out the vehicle yourself, which is most often easier said than done, as you have to have both the skill and tools to remove the parts from the vehicle and then you must find buyers for the parts. If you do find buyers for the parts you still have to deal with the scrap, which you will get much less for than if you sell your junk vehicle whole.