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Want to know the best way to put your old
unused cars to good use.

Use a service that removes old cars like cash for cars. Our company is the best way to make some extra bucks instantly. Your vehicle, regardless of its age, mileage or damage, will have a great value at our location. For over three decades, we have been the trusted source for selling vehicles that need to be salvaged. When other companies refuse to buy your cars, even if your vehicle has a minor dent, we make it easy for you. We buy all vehicles, including cars, trucks, and vans that are in great shape, totaled, salvaged, defective or unsmogable.

Our company make it simple when it comes to selling cars and other vehicles.


Simply call our trained appraiser or submit your request online using vehicle submission form.


After reviewing your vehicle details, we will offer a fair, competitive price and easy to comprehend agreement.


In other words, we will get back to you within 24 hours upon your request and make offer on your vehicle as soon as possible.


You get to choose to accept or refuse the offer. You will have sufficient time to think about it and get back to us if necessary.


In essence, we are flexible when it comes to determining a reasonable price for your car, therefore want you to make the right decision of selling the car to us.


Once the offer is in place and accepted by both parties, we will make arrangements to receive your vehicle. Our professional towers will make sure that your vehicle reaches our location safely. The transaction is complete when all the documents pertaining to your vehicle is procured. You can rest easy thereafter and we will handle all DMV related documents.

Our online appraisals are absolutely free and available all day long, 365 days a year. There is no obligation to sell. Best of all, your vehicle will be picked up at no extra cost to you. We provide fast and most convenient way of selling used cars. Whether your car is gently used, salvaged, hit by another vehicle or waiting to be recycled, we buy it right away and pay cash immediately. With us, you will sell your car the eco-friendly way as well. This means your car is recycled without impacting the environment as we want everyone to pass on a greener and cleaner world for the future generations.

Whatever car you own, our purpose is to fulfill its highest potential.

Your task is to give us a call with details about your vehicle and find the real treasure that is the heart of many junk and old cars. Our company is dedicated to remove car parts and accessories efficiently and dispose inoperable or unwanted vehicles. We make the dismantling process easy and make sure that our technicians play vital role in recycling, thus helping preserve the nature.

This way your car will reduce the demand for landfill spaces that are scarce. When you are selling your vehicles to us, you are contributing actively to conserve natural resources. The more aware you are about where your car is going to end and the more alter you are to the hazardous impact of improperly disposing the car, the less time you will spend feeling anxious and volatile. So sell your car to our eco-friendly business or call us right away for a free appraisal.

About Us

We are a fully licensed and registered company. We have a clean record when it comes to disposing used, old and junk cars. So, let us earn your business by offering the best car sale experience in La Jolla, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley and Del Mar. Contact Cash for Cars today and have the peace of mind knowing that your unwanted car is put to good use.